For the kids

We couldn’t be in Tokyo without popping by the Pokemon Centre to pick up stuff for the nephews.   Afterall, Pokemon Centre Tokyo is THE official Pokemon store.   Personally, I found the whole "centre" bit a little misleading.  I was expecting an entire Pikachu building with floors of Pokemon toys, and I don’t know, maybe a couple of Pokemon mascots walking around.  Sadly, it turned out that Pokemon Centre was just a specialty store like any of the other character stores in Tokyo.  But what they lacked in the wow factor was made up by the wide range of exclusive merchandise.  With hundreds of Pokemons on the market, we really couldn’t keep track of what the boys already owned so we just tried our luck with the latest releases.  And scored! The boys loved their new toys and it was really cute seeing the little one lugging them around in his "fun backpack".


Get off at Hamamatsucho station on the JR Yamanote line. Just cross the crossing outside the station and take a right until you reach another mini crossing and you’ll see some outside escalators going up to a big building. Take those and you can’t miss the Pokemon Center which is on the 2nd floor.  There are a couple of cute Pikachu signages at the station to help. 

If all else fails, just follow the kids.  That’s what we did!


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