No one makes bottled tea like the Japanese

We are back from our break in Tokyo, and I’m already missing my endless supply of bottled Japanese tea.   *sob*

4 days is way too short to explore Tokyo properly.  Even though this was already our third time, and we skipped the usual Disneyland/Disneysea and Mount Fuji, there was still so much to cover!  From swanky Ginza to the vibrant Shibuya to the charming suburbs of Kichijoji to the serene temples in Kamakura.  Not to mention the art museums, parks and outlet shopping malls.  And omg! the food – we ate our way through Tokyo but still didn’t manage to cover everything on our list.  So now, we’re already planning our next trip back 🙂 

I suppose it also didn’t help I was sick the entire trip.  Started with a bad throat on the plane.  And with no sleep on the red-eye flight, it blew up into a raging fever complete with body aches and stomach spasms by the second day.  I wouldn’t say it was fun hobbling around Shibuya in the middle of winter, clutching my stomach in pain but overall it was a good trip.  We got to see and experience a lot more of Tokyo this time round.  Our previous trips were part of tour packages, and Tokyo was just a blur of the usual touristy spots.  This time, we managed to savour the flavour of the place.

Here are some random shots from my iphone while I skip off to the doc’s for antibiotics.


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