Note to self

Only an event like the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention could get us queuing in a line of geeks last Saturday morning.  We ended up with a goody bag each for being among the first 500 people to walk through their doors.  I know, even the closet geek in me finds all this a little embarrassing.  But this was for the 2 nephews who were raring to go this year.  Really.

I’m not sure if it was because we were there a little too early before the crowd and the activities had a chance to peak or that our expectations were too hyped up.  Fact is, we didn’t have as much  fun as we did last year.  Within an hour, we had walked round the convention twice and the kids who had been looking forward to the convention the whole year, kept bugging to go home.

I suppose comic fans would have had a fantastic time given the line-up of artists, writers and illustrators from Marvel Comics but since we were there mainly for the designer vinyls like Trexis, Bearbricks and Dunnies, we were frankly quite bored.  The variety was limited to the usual stuff we could already get from the regular stores and sadly, paled in comparison to what’s readily available at the Hong Kong toy marts.  While we still managed to walk out of toy convention with a bag of toys, I must remember to scrutinise the lineup a little more closely next year before buying our tics.


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