Nature Enthusiasts

When we first had the cats, I was worried that the poor furballs would be bored since they were stuck at home all day.  Then one day I discovered that part of their daily routine of eat, sleep and play was also visits by some feathered friends.  Every day, mynahs would drop by, just outside the yard area.  Secure in the knowledge that the cats are kept indoors, the mynahs would spend the next 5-10 minutes slowly cleaning themselves while our cats sit there mesmerised.   So like clockwork, every morning around 10, our cats would drop everything as the mynahs announce their visit.  They scramble onto the scratchpost, each trying to get the ‘best seat in the house’.  And they sit there, with this super intense ‘I will so pounce on you if not for these stupid grills’ look on their faces.  Silly kitties đź™‚

And yes, Flyb@ll’s ass is twice Moof@’s.


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