Twinkling sea of lights

iLight Marina Bay is Asia’s first sustainable Light Art Festival that spans across the Esplanade, Floating Platform,  Helix Bridge all the way until One Fullerton.  The festival hopes to raise awareness of energy consumption, sustainable solutions for urban living and … *yawn*.   For us, it was just a wonderful excuse to check out the Marina Bay area and take a leisurely stroll after a heavy dinner.

The 3.5km route features over 20 light installations by various artists, and made for an interesting evening.  The walk took us slightly over 2 hours to complete but as we took in the beautifully illuminated bay area and the cool night breeze, the route didn’t feel long at all. 

Our favourite installation was Human Tiles.  This interactive piece uses video projectors to cast a series of patterned tiles on a wall.  The tiles are made up of people’s movements as well as the colour of their clothes so you get to create unique mosaic patterns real time.  Very cool.

I think the thing that struck me the most that night was how incredibly beautiful Singapore’s city nightscape has become.  And the newly opened waterfront promenade is totally worth checking out.  Just remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring along a bottle of water.   

i Light Marina Bay
15 October to 7 November 2010
7.30pm to midnight
Free Admission


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