I finally learnt how to control the shutter speed on my camera.

We stood in front of the ferris wheel in Genting for a good twenty minutes, necks craned upwards and looking like idiots as the wheel went round and round.  Made for a totally dizzy lesson on exposure time.  But I guess this is what makes Genting a good place for a weekend break – there’s something for everyone.

We popped by last month with the in-laws for a long weekend getaway.  Genting isn’t just about gambling.  Yes, there are casinos and lots of gamblers walking around but there are also the indoor and outdoor theme parks for the kids, lots of shopping for the shopaholics and a wide variety of food and coffee options for those who just want to chill out.  Everything is linked together by escalators and covered walkways so it feels like you are in a giant theme park or mall.  It also feels like no one ever sleeps.  Shops open till 11pm, you see kids spinning round the merry-go-round even when it’s past 10pm and at 3am, you’ll find lots of restaurants still open.  Of course, there’s the beautiful view of the mountains and the incredibly cool climate that makes you forget Genting is actually in hot, humid Malaysia.

Our weekend was all free and easy, and we ended up seeing each other only during meal times.  The in-laws went about their own activities, at their own pace, without having to worry about slowing down the day’s programme.  We went about relaxed in the knowledge that the in-laws were enjoying themselves, could rest whenever they wanted, and we were just minutes away if they needed anything.  Not a bad plan at all, if you ask me.

Here’s the tip of the day from me if you’re planning on visiting Genting:

Stay at First World Hotel.  Reviews of First World Hotel on tripadvisor are horrendous and I can understand why.  The reception area of the hotel reminds me of a train station with snaking lines of guests waiting for a queue number just to check in.  Service is non-existent and rooms are at best 3-stars.  BUT.  And this is a huge but.  This is where you must stay if you want to be right smack in all the action.  With over 6,000 rooms, this hotel is located right where all the shopping and theme parks are.   True, the standard rooms have the barest, basic amenities.  But this is because, hello! no one goes to Genting to spend time in their rooms.  Also, if you only pay $30 per night for a room, what else do you expect.  If you’re fussy, then pay a little more and go for the World Club Rooms ($150 per night).  There is no queue for check-in because there’s a priority counter, the rooms have just been nicely renovated and breakfast is served in an exclusive lounge on the top floor (again with no queues and a pretty decent continental buffet spread). 


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