TV makes everyone fat

It’s a good thing I don’t have cable at home.  For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been accompanying my mom while my dad was away on a business trip and I was gorging on cable TV night after night at her place, especially the Food Network Channel.  In High Definition!  Food never looked better.  I could see the juices dripping off meat grilled to perfection, pastries looked like they were glazed with gloss and I swear even the vegetables looked like they were bursting with colour and flavour.  Drool.  

Watching Food Network in HD, in the middle of the night, really does strange things to the mind.  By the time I watched Ina Garten make chocolate ganache cupcakes for the umpteenth time, I just had to sink my teeth into one of those delectable little things.  So here we are …  in a baking frenzy, I’ve made cupcakes two weekends in a row.  That’s about 60 mini-cupcakes.   Eeks!  

I’m no purist when it comes to cooking.  Whatever works.  Here is the recipe for the easiest cupcakes ever … 

Just follow instructions at the back of the box and add one teaspoon of instant coffee to your batter.  Once cupcakes are done, dip them in chocolate ganache and top them off with toasted almonds.  These cupcakes are delicious.  Make them in a mini-me size so you don’t feel so bad digging into their sweet, chocolately goodness.  One after another.

For the ganache, we like it dark so I normally use 50g of unsweetened Hershey’s baking choc mixed with 50g of semi-sweet baking choc and half-teaspoon of instant coffee.  Heat up 150g of heavy/thickening cream on low heat and stir until just boiling.  Add the cream into the chocolate (not the other way round) and stir until you get a smooth consistency.  This is enough for about 30 mini-cupcakes.

Or just do what The Hubs does – spread Honey Roasted Peanut Butter on them.  Nom, nom, nom.


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