Good food for a good cause

There’s no better feeling than waking up to brunch on a weekday when everyone else is rushing off to work.  Heh, heh.  We decided to check out Food for Thought located just outside the Singapore Art Museum where Walter the Rabbit is on display.  The place is bright and airy, staff are friendly and best of all, they serve all-day-breakfast. 

I had the House Works which came with scrambled eggs, toasted brioche, bacon and hash brown.  This made for an incredibly hearty brunch but what will lure us back again are the pancakes.  The Hubs ordered his with bananas and walnuts and they came with a generous serving of fresh cream and get this, gula melaka syrup!  Fluffy with the edges thin and crispy, they were awesome! 

The restaurant’s slogan is "Good Food for a Good Cause" and one of the causes they are supporting is raise funds for the provision of clean water to third world countries.  There’s a little jar at the counter where you can make your donations and because they served excellent brunch with no service charge, we made a $5 donation.  In fact, after reading all the placecards on the table especially the one that said "Give clean water ’cause our bathtubs drink better than 1/6th of the world", I felt a little guilty for not finishing up my glass of water.  We’ll definitely be back.  Afterall, it’s for a good cause.

Food For Thought
8 Queen Street, near Singapore Art Museum
T: +65 6338 9887

420 North Bridge Rd, North Bridge Centre #01-06
T: +65 6338 8724


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