Tarte de chocolat

You know how sometimes you come across recipes telling you how easy the entire thing is? And then you get all excited only to end up cursing and swearing in the kitchen with sweat pouring down your face as you try to figure out the damn recipe.  And then you realise that the recipe is only easy if you’re Nigella Lawson.  And then after all that drama and having wasted the entire afternoon, it tastes like crap.  Well, this recipe for chocolate tarts that I got off Kitchen Tigeress’ blog isn’t one of those.

It’s really very simple and incredibly yummy.  I made the shortcrust pastry for the tart in under 10 minutes, and that was pretty much it.  You can fill up the tarts with anything you want although this crust is not suitable for thin, runny fillings.  I went with a really dark chocolate ganache but if you prefer something sweeter, you can make it semi-sweet or swap it for nutella.

You know how I know this recipe is a winner?  The little eight-year old food connoisseur gave it the thumbs up – dark chocolate and all! 🙂


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