Two eyes and four pairs of arms

I’m putting one hundred bucks on Germany for tonight’s Germany-Argentina match.  Why? Because the octopus says so.  Paul the Octopus lives in Germany and he has an excellent track record in predicting World Cup matches.  This is how it works – two plastic boxes containing tasty morsels and labelled with the respective flags are lowered into the tank that houses Paul the octopus at his home in Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany.  Whichever tank Paul goes to is the team that he predicts will win the game.  The octopus has been spot on for all 4 German matches so far.  But then again, as the coffeeshop uncles will tell you: 球是圆的

Post-edit: Argh!!! The octopus was right again! Germany won 4-0. Why didn’t I listen to Paul? Oh, why?!?


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