Cheaper than flying to Hong Kong

When we crave good dim sum that won’t burn a hole in our pocket, there’s only one place we head to: Victor’s Kitchen.  This is a no-frills kind of place so don’t expect a posh interior or attentive wait staff.  All you get are tables and stools squeezed into a nondescript shop, and just simple, solid good food that warms up your stomach.  Which is what keeps us going back again and again and again. 

Don’t ask me what’s good at Victor’s because I’ll just say everything!  The chef is from Hong Kong with over twenty years of experience and he churns out quality stuff.  The menu is limited to the standard dim sum fare but everything is lovingly prepared and the ingredients fresh.  Our must-order list includes the steamed carrot cake (you really get to taste the radish) and the char siew pau that comes with chunks of meat – totally yummy.

And this is our favourite – Victor’s milky custard bun.  Creamy with just the right hint of salted egg, The Hubs will polish off all 3 buns by himself if you let him.  The place can get quite crowded during the weekends so go early.

Victor’s Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street, #01-21, Sunshine Plaza


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