Picture purrfect

Being the slow pokes that we are, it was no surprise that we just had to wait until the very last weekend to check out the Cats of the World exhibition at The Arts House.  The exhibition featured photos by aspiring photographers of cats in unique backgrounds and settings around the world, including Singapore.  This shot above was my favourite because it reminded me so much of Moof@.  This is the exact expression she has when she’s trying to manipulate me into doing something.  Works like a charm every single time.  Too bad this photo has already been sold.  I thought the photographer did a great job in capturing something that has been eluding me for years.  Moof@ is a pain to photograph.  Although she is a complete darling to play with and snuggle up to, she absolutely hates the camera.  No matter how much fun she’s having, the minute the camera comes out, she starts to sulk and all I get from her is this super pissed off "get-out-of-my-face" look before she stalks off.  Check out this shot.  Have you ever seen a crankier cat in a bag? Sigh, it’s like living with a teenager.


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