Over the weekend, we headed down to the Changi boardwalk to try to catch some shots of the sunset.  The walk down the coastline has a  laidback kampong kind of charm, you get the sound of the lapping waves and salty seabreeze in your face  – makes for a nice late afternoon stroll. 

Turned out there was already a bunch of photography buffs who were also waiting for the sunset.  Huddled in the shade with their kickass cameras, lens and tripods, these guys really looked like they were out for the killer shot.  I got excited and hung around with my tiny LX3, fed mosquitoes and waited … and waited.  Then the sun started to set and these guys started to get into position and snapped away.  So did I. 

I don’t know if it was all that waiting and the build up of expectations or what but I didn’t think the sunset was all that spectacular.  I mean, I’ve seen (and shot) much nicer sunsets which didn’t even require half the effort.  I waited for the brilliant colours of the sky but they never quite came.  The sunset was okay but …. 
It was the same for the shots I got – they were okay but oh-so-boring.  Zzzzzz.  

I guess this is why I’ve never bothered to join one of those photography club thingys.  I’m too lazy and really can’t be arsed to drag around a heavy camera and all the equipment.   To me, good photos are all about the moment.  And these moments happen spontaneously.  You just have to be there at the right time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s taken with your phone or the resolution is all crap or that you didn’t follow the rule of thirds.  Big deal.  The perfect shot is the one that embodies the moment perfectly and stops it from running away.  It’s that shot that makes you smile every single time.


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