Playing with fire

That’s what artists from the internationally renowned French fire alchemist, Compagnie Carabosse were literally doing this weekend at the the opening of the Singapore Arts Festival.  When we first caught a glimpse of Esplanade Park while walking down the riverfront, it frankly looked a lot like a war zone and  the trees had all been set ablaze.


Street lamps from the Esplanade Park to Empress Place were switched off and the entire stretch was illuminated only by the glow of flames from the many fire structures scattered all over the park.  With the pulsing heat from flaming pots lining the pathways, globes of fire suspended mid-air from the trees, giant fireballs, hanging flaming garlands and towering structures that belched flames, it was a surreal sight. 

I suppose this is why installation art is interesting – it brings you right into the artist’s creation, encourages interaction and usually brings about a total sensory experience that evokes a whole slew of associations, emotions and thoughts.  Like it or hate it – it always provokes a response.  And of course, like all art forms, people can experience and interpret the same piece so very differently.  Check out our different takes on the fireball – The Hubs’ very dark "V for Vendetta" kind of perspective versus my goofy "Look! I just got blasted by a flaming fireball!".  Sure made for an interesting Saturday night and this includes all the soot we found collected in our nostrils! 🙂


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