Always press “play”

Some nights ago over dinner, someone asked if given a choice, would we choose to fast forward our lives?  The proposition was simple: You get to skip the next 5 years of your life in exchange for all the wealth you would have accumulated in these 5 years.  The only catch? You miss out on 5 years of your life.  Most people around the table said, "Hell, yeah! Bring it on!"  Their reasoning was simple.  Why not?  You get to enjoy the pot of gold, life isn’t that fantastic and most of it is spent at work anyways. 

Actually if you think about it, haven’t we all been guilty of wishing we had that fast forward button?  As we drag ourselves to work on Mondays, don’t we wish we just get to the "T.G.I.F" bit and start our weekend?  I sure thought about it this morning. 

But 5 years?  Wow.

I don’t get it.  Isn’t time supposed to be precious? I get that life sucks sometimes, and as you get caught up in the daily grind of work, bills and dealing with assaholic people, it can seem so meaningless.  But interwoven in the threads of mundanity are a gazillion tiny moments that make up life.  Have we become so caught up in our own drama that we’ve lost sight of what it means to live? 

So let’s skip 5 years.  What’s the big deal?  Riiiight.  What happens if those were the last 5 years of your life?  Hmmm… those 5 years seem a whole lot more precious now, don’t they?

But then this just isn’t about time.  What’s the point of another 5 years if you’re just going to drift from day to day?  I’m not saying that you need to go skydive out of a plane or bungee-jump off a bridge just to feel alive.  All I’m saying is maybe we just need to try to savour each day instead of sleepwalking through it.  Find one thing each day to be thankful for.  Matter to someone.  Smile.  Laugh.  Play.  Breathe. 

So if you get to press that fast forward button, would you?

Post-edit: After being stuck in a constant state of Monday blues the entire day, I tried to savour what was left of Monday.  We switched off the lights, closed our eyes and each picked out our favourite song.  Listening to "Spanish Harlem" in the dark, next to my best friend, I found something to be thankful for. 


2 thoughts on “Always press “play””

  1. No, 5 years is a long time!
    I would not trade 5 years of wealth for more wrinkles and hair loss. I will scream waking up to find that I have hit 40 without even knowing how I got there!!! AHHHH!

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