You know you’re getting old when …

… you hobble around for days after just one tennis game.  The last time I played tennis on a regular basis was probably fifteen years ago in school.  And I swear tennis courts were made much smaller then.  Either that or my eyesight has worsened over the years. Seeing the courts empty last weekend, The Hubs and I decided to run downstairs for a game.  Standing at my end of the court, the only thing I could think of was: omg, I don’t remember the court ever being so big!  The Hubs looked tiny standing far away on the other side and it really seemed quite impossible for one person to cover so much ground.  And did tennis balls travel so fast back then?  It didn’t help that the weather was scorchingly hot.  With the sun beating down on my back and sweat dripping into my eyes, I was begging for a water break every 15 minutes.  By the end of the 1-hour session, I had a splitting headache and over the past few days, our creaking old bones have been protesting non-stop.  I cannot believe that I used to play every week.  Ah … the beauty of youth.  Anyhoo, now that I’m feeling much better (and the memory of the pain has started to fade somewhat), we’re raring to go again.  Let’s face it, we’re only going to get older and if we don’t play our hearts out now, then when?



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