Hmmm .. what shall we do next month?

Today, we declared "Leggings Day" at the office.  To participate, all you had to do was turn up at work either in a pair of stocking, tights or leggings.  Other than the realisation that leggings aren’t really my cup of tea – walking out of the house this morning, I felt totally nekkid (eek!) – like I had forgotten to wear pants or something.  Anyhoo, I also realised a couple of other things:

  1. A lot of women own a pair of black stocking/tights/legging but are too shy to wear them out
  2. This same bunch of women look pretty damn good in leggings so sometimes we are our own worst critic
  3. Most importantly, I am truly blessed to be working with a fun-loving, crazy bunch of people who actually do turn up in leggings on "Leggings Day"


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