The usual, please.

We are shameless creatures of habit and when in Hong Kong, there are a couple of yummlicious places that have become part of our very comforting routine. 

Breakfast @ 金华冰厅

This little cafe in Mongkok serves one of the best 菠蘿包 in Hong Kong.  The soft bun with a sweet, crusty top is served fresh out of the oven with a slab of melting butter, and is absolutely delicious.  The Hubs is a huge fan and this is his standard breakfast fare every single time.  I, on the other hand have fond memories eating instant noodles during my school holidays in Hong Kong and take every opportunity to gobble down a bowl.  The instant noodles with satay beef breakfast set at 金华 is the usual stuff you get at any cha chan teng but it gives my day a happy start.  With hot milk tea for him and iced milk tea for me, we’re usually set for a day of non-stop shopping.

How to get there:
47 Bute Street, Mongkok
Take MTR to Prince Edward station.  Take exit B2, walk straight until you hit Bute Street and turn left.  It’s about a 5-min walk from the MTR 

Daily dose of Vitamin C @ 許留山

Our excuse for our minimum-one-stop-per-day at Hui Lau Shan is that walking on the crowded streets of Hong Kong all day long can be very tiring.  This popular dessert chain in Hong Kong is always crowded and it’s easy to tell why.  They’re practically on every corner and are great when you need a cold drink after all that shopping.  They are good for their mango desserts and drinks – the delicious concoctions of juicy mango chunks, pomelo, jelly and coconut milk kinda make you forget that you’re paying $5 per cup!    You can either pick up a cup at the take-away counter or step in for a quick bite (their XO carrot cake is really yummy).  And if you’re still craving for your dessert fix at the end of your trip, you can still down one last cup at the airport. 

How to get there:
Branches are located all over TST and Mongkok, and it’s very hard to miss their bright yellow and red signboards.

臭豆腐 @ Mongkok

This is where The Hubs and I have a huge difference in opinion.  I think it’s quite yummy and not that stinky (really!!).  Seriously, once you get past the smell, it tastes pretty much like deep fried beancurd, and when you top it off with the chilli sauce and sweet sauce, it tastes pretty good (really!!).  I think you can find smelly beancurd in various places in Hong Kong but my regular spot is at the end of Sai Yeung Choi Street South, opposite CTMA Centre.  It’s hard to miss because you can actually smell it even before you see it. 

How to get there:
The hawker store is at the junction of Sai Yeung Choi Street South and Dundas Street

雞蛋仔 @ Nathan Road

Roughly translated as "Little Chicken Eggs", this is a great snack for shopping.  And I love walking the streets of Hong Kong in winter with a bag of piping hot  雞蛋仔.  This simple street snack is made of batter poured into a mold with circles and then flipped so they form the shape of eggs.  It’s crispy on the outside but the texture is a little soft on the underside.  They are hollow and although some hawkers sell them in different flavours, my favourite is still the original.

How to get there:
My regular spot is this little shop along Nathan Road.  If you walk down from The Mira (old Miramar hotel) towards Jordan, past Macdonalds,  it’s along a row of shops facing Nathan Road.  



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