The other stuff.

When on a shopping ban, town is the worst place to be.  It’s like there’s this huge conspiracy going on.  Everywhere you turn, there’s a sale or something you’re just dying to buy.  And there’ something about a ban that makes every damn thing you see seem like the most attractive thing to own.  I guess the old cliche about forbidden fruit tasting the sweetest is true.  Today, while waiting for our car to be serviced, we had to while away a couple of hours in town.  Instead of gleefully hitting the shops on an empty Monday morning, I hid away in TCC for a long, leisurely breakfast.  And the really great thing is I didn’t really miss shopping that much.  In fact, I quite enjoyed having a peaceful time with The Hubs, reading the papers, tucking into my organic pancakes, sipping coffee and people watching.  It was a welcome break after my many burnt weekends.  Actually, now that I think about it, a shopping ban is not a bad idea.  Not only did it give me time for other stuff, it felt good donating the money I saved to the building of an old folks home for the poor.  In fact, I just might try to extend this ban beyond Lent and see how I do.  Wish me luck! 

Post-edit:  Now that I really think about it, maybe not a full shopping ban after Lent.  I’ll just try to cut down a little. Heh.



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