Another food post

Today, we crossed a first in our cooking history.  We bought prawns! For two people who don’t cook, buying seafood is a big step.  How on earth do you tell if prawns are fresh? At least for chicken, it comes nicely packaged and labelled.  Turned out it wasn’t so difficult.  I walked past the seafood section at NTUC this morning and there was a whole bunch of uncles and aunties buying fish, prawns and live crabs, and I happily joined in the madness.  Prawns were stored in this big bin with ice and all I had to do was pick the quantity we wanted.  I’m embarassed to admit that we were the only 2 people who were holding a major discussion there and then at the prawn bin – do we go by size of the prawn? were those curled up better than the straight ones? light grey or dark grey? does the size of the head matter? Hmmm … decisions, decisions.  In the end, we picked a couple of cute light grey ones, the funny straight ones and threw in a couple of the curled up ones for fun.  And then we made a simple pasta dish by tossing the prawns with some olive oil, garlic, chilli and spaghetti with lime juice.  Lovely. 

Some tips we picked up today from the MIL:

  • When choosing prawns, size does matter.  Also, make sure it doesn’t smell fishy.
  • You only need to peel your prawns before you cook them.  Drain and pat them dry before frying if you want your prawns to be "springy"
  • Getting rid of the "prawn shit" is important because the vein thingy is actually the prawn’s digestive tract and is full of sand and impurities.
  • Just a simple marinate with salt and sugar will do


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