Nothing and everything to do with hockey

With only 3 hours of sleep, The Hubs and I stumbled bleary-eyed into my mom’s house this morning at 4am to catch the ice hockey final between US and Canada in this year’s winter Olympics.  The Hubs is an ice hockey fan which I know is strange since we live in sunny Singapore.  Me? I have no idea what’s going on half the time and have trouble even locating the puck during the game.  But I guess this is a large part what it means to be together in a marriage.  Last week, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Actually, celebrate is sort of an overstatement.  We hung out and had dinner – nothing fancy.  We didn’t even get each other gifts.  The Hubs sheepishly confessed that he was going to get me candy (which is the traditional 6th year gift) but then figured I was just going to eat it anyway so no point.  Lucky for him, I too didn’t see the point of candy.  After 6 years of married life and about 13 years of being together, for us, it’s always been about being together as best friends.  And it occurred to me this morning at 5am after I asked "where’s the puck ah?" for the umpteenth time that it’s the tiny everyday moments that make up a marriage.  In most marriages, if you’re lucky, there are not many earthshattering moments that require you to prove your undying love.  Instead, it’s all about making little decisions every day about how you want to live out your married life.  It’s about being thoughtful when you know your partner’s had a hard day.  It’s about remembering to be grateful when you know he’s making an effort.  It’s about keeping your mouth shut when you really want to say I told you so.  It’s about listening to each other’s day.  It’s about hanging out with your partner when she’s working weekends even though it’s absolutely boring.  It’s about crawling out of bed at 4am to watch a hockey match together because you know he really wants to.  By the way, Canada won.


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