Food pure and simple

I like cooking for my favourite people and so when I made a lunch date with a dear friend over the weekend, I offered to cook.  You see, the up side about this whole favourite-person policy is that these are usually incredibly sweet people who will agree to eat my cooking regardless of what I make.  Heh, heh.  Anyhoo, since she’s on an organic diet, I was more than happy to oblige since that meant I could now finally go shopping for all the organic stuff that I sometimes see in the supermarkets.  And I realised that it’s actually not that difficult to make an organic meal.  Organic products are widely available in major supermarkets like Cold Storage and those like NTUC Finest have an entire organic section!  And contrary to what some may believe, going organic is not that expensive.  Stuff like organic pasta, pasta sauce, salad dressing and olive oil cost about the same as non-organic stuff.  Fresh produce cost more but only by just a little bit, and if you consider that you are getting vegetables and fruit that are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, I’ll say it’s a pretty good deal.  Making lunch was easy peasy – I tossed together an organic fettuccine with mushrooms and a ready-made organic  tomato-based sauce, and simply opened a pre-packed box of organic herb salad and cherry tomatoes.  I had a lovely time catching up.  Only pity was that I had to rush off to a work event soon after.


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