Because I’m Chinese

I spent the weekend working a roadshow under the scorching heat – the first of many more burnt weekends this month.  Seeing that I was dehydrated and completely toasted by the sun, my mom sweetly made me a huge bottle of snow jelly this evening.  Also known as "Hashima" in Korean or "Suet Kup" in Cantonese, it’s basically the dried fallopian tube of a certain species of female frog found in the forests of Northern China.  When I was younger, I was completely grossed out by the thought of ingesting the reproductive insides of a frog and refused to even touch it.  Now older and ahem, much wiser, I’m actually thankful when my mom appears with a bottle of this.  Containing high levels of protein (amino acids), minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium as well as vitamins B1 and B2, snow jelly is supposed to strengthen the internal organs especially the lungs and also for a healthier skin complexion.  I’ve found that it also brings down heatiness and helps with my immune system, especially when I’m tired or stressed out.  Best of all, mine always come bottled with love.


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