Swan Valley

I’ve been to Perth a couple of times before and strangely, never bothered to visit Swan Valley which is just a 25-minute drive from the city.  This time round, we thought it would make a great day trip for the in-laws.  Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine region, and home to a whole lot of wineries, breweries and award-winning restaurants.  These are a couple of stops worth making in the valley:

Caversham Wildlife Park

Kangaroo enclosures are no big deal – many Australian parks have them and even the Singapore Zoo has one.  But we’ve never been to one where the roos come right up to you, eager to make friends so long as you feed them.  In most parks, while the kangaroos are free to roam, you usually find them fast asleep in the shade or shying away from visitors.  Here at Caversham, they’re so tame that they eat right out of your hand!  Free kangaroo feed is available in the enclosure and we got to pet a couple of the big Reds, the Greys and even some Albino kangaroos.  This is one of the better wildlife parks in Australia and totally recommended for those with young children.

Caversham Wildlife Park
Opened everyday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Located in Whiteman Park

Black Swan Winery

With full-length windows that open out to beautiful rolling vineyards and fantastic food, this restaurant is a great place for a long, leisurely lunch.  Worth raving about is the crispy skin Atlantic salmon which was cooked to perfection with skin that was nicely seared and the meat still tender and moist.  The black pig coteletta was also excellent – the juicy pork covered in crisp, crumbed coating is a must-try!

Black Swan Winery and Restaurant
8600 West Swan Road, Henley Brook


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