Good morning Perth

On most days, I’m not much of a breakfast person.  My game plan in the morning is to squeeze in as much sleep as I can possibly get, and then I’m off and distracted by the million and one things that need to be done.  I’m in no mood for anything, much less breakfast.  Ahhh, but it’s a different story when I’m on holiday.  Relaxed and usually in a good mood, I wake up game for bacon, eggs, pancakes and juice.  And on this recent trip to Perth, we managed to suss out a couple of fantastic places for the most important meal of the day. 

Tiger Tiger

Tucked away in a quiet alley in the middle of bustling Murray Street, Tiger Tiger is a great spot for breakfast in Perth city.  The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed – absolutely perfect for a leisurely breakfast.  Tiger Tiger serves one of the best coffee in town and even this non-coffee drinker was impressed.  Smooth and full-flavoured, the coffee was fantastic and The Hubs kept craving for a Tiger Tiger caffeine fix for the rest of the trip.  The breakfast menu is fairly limited but the food was good.  We shared the eggs benedict with ham and hollandaise on a rye bagel and it was delicous.  The only downside of our experience was that on the day we were there, the inside of the cafe had a strong curry smell.  We found seats out in the alley which was fine but then discovered that the muffins we ordered had absorbed some of the curry flavour, which made for a really weird combination.  Oh well.

Tiger, Tiger Coffee Bar
Shop 4, 329 Murray Street


 The space itself is already a great breakfast conversation starter.  The Greenhouse is the brainchild of designer Joost Bakker and is one of Perth’s latest "sustainable" restaurants.  The entire exterior is lined with strawberry plants and the interior is made up of recycled plastic and plywood, and even  the furniture is recycled.  The restaurant also comes with its own rooftop garden which grows fresh produce that is then used in the kitchen.  The Greenhouse offers a pretty decent breakfast menu.  I had the incredibly yummy pancakes with peach compote and vanilla mascarpone while The Hubs went for the Greenhouse yogurt and passionfruit which is made in-house.  The MIL tried the poached eggs and toast which I must say looked fantastic.   And it was no wonder since their eggs are free range, organic and sourced from Margaret River.  Coffee was average but this made for a really cool brekkie place.

100 St Georges Tc


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