Ready, Set-Set, GO!

Surrounded by people we love, good food and a couple of great shopping buys, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to kickstart the new year.  The kitties also got quite a bit of loving these past few days and instead of the usual scowls and dirty looks at the camera, they were in a good enough mood to ignore it.  As the new year begins, here are a couple of lessons from our two furry zen masters:

  1. Never be afraid to sniff and explore new grounds
  2. Play with abandonment  (even when you’re supposed to be a dignified adult cat) 
  3. Purr when you’re happy – how else will people know you’re happy
  4. When the people you love come home, welcome them with a friendly head rub and a cuddle
  5. Get your beauty sleep
  6. Stretch
  7. Don’t over-eat: Take small meals throughout the day
  8. Sit on the fridge and get a different perspective on life
  9. Patience and then pounce – you only have that few seconds with opportunities (and bugs!)
  10. Find joy in the simple things – we should all be so happy with just a piece of string


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