Guess the colour of my thumb

We’ve had some new additions to the house which I’m staying far far away from.  I don’t go near them.  I don’t touch them.  Heck, I don’t even dare look at them.  Considering my track record, I’d probably kill them just by glancing in their direction.

These new babies belong to The Hubs.  He’s the plant person in the house.  He loves his greens and finds the  whole nature earthly soil thingy very therapeutic.

I on the other hand find plants very stressful.  I’m guessing plants find me very stressful too cos they keep dying on me.  I once bought a friend a cactus for his birthday and before I could even give him the damn plant, I’d already killed it.  It only took me 1 week.  I now buy friends non-living things for their birthdays. 

When we first got married, The Hubs had an air plant in the bathroom.  When he left for a business trip, he assured me that there was no way I could kill an air plant.  These plants I was told were incredibly hardy and required very little care.  All I needed to do was spritz water on the little fella every couple of days.  When The Hubs came back from his trip, the poor plant was dying.  No surprise there, at least not for me.  We now have a fake plant in the bathroom.

So you can understand how anxious I get every time I walk past these cactus babies in our planter.  I tip toe past them, careful not to disturb the chi in the living room.  And you know what, I’m pretty darn sure word gets round in the plant/green stuff community and the cactus are probably squirming in their pot, hoping that I’ll never ever have to do plant duty and water them.  Yeah, me too.  Me too.


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