He even comes with a really cute butt crack

Electronic Pictionaryman rocks!  Plays just like regular Pictionary except that you draw on a little plastic guy and it comes with props too so you can get the little guy to act out the clues.  We tested it out this week at a family gathering and everyone had loads of fun.  As I’m typing this, Pictionaryman is out charming a new group of friends.  He was such a hoot at our last gathering that he got invited to another party tonight.  Such a party animal, isn’t he?  Heh, heh.  We are soooooo going to incorporate him into our Cranium games.  The only word of caution is if you’re planning to get it as a gift for a kid, it works better for older kids 12 years and above as some of the clues are a little too difficult for the younger ones.


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