Let me see if I can think of a few words to describe this week. "Shitty" seems pretty apt. "Sucky" sums it up nicely too. You get the idea … this week has not been fun. I shall not go into details here but I pretty much got screwed over by someone who over-promised and did not deliver. Yeah, boo hoo but as with all things in life, you learn and then you grow. And the biggest lesson of the week was: Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control.

I’m pretty much programmed like a man. When there’s a problem, I need to fix it. Or bash the thing to death. A lot of my anger was over the fact that I was helpless. I couldn’t march into the situation and just do the damn thing myself, and that pissed me off. This week, I’ve learnt that I can only do my best and then let go. I wouldn’t say I’ve totally got it but I’m getting there. I’ve worked out my backup plans and done everything else I can to solve the problem. Now, I just have to sit, and be zen. Everybody, together with me now, say "Ommmmmm".


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