Why would the Japanese ever want to eat MacDonalds when they have Lucky Pierrot?  This is a really weird fastfood chain exclusive to Hakodate.  Each store boasts of incredibly gaudy and eccentric decor and I’ve heard that there’s one that’s decked out in a year-long Santa theme. Ho! Ho! Ho!  So on our drive back from Matsumae, I made The Hubs pull into one. This was despite the fact that it was around 4 in the afternoon and we were already stuffed from a late lunch.  Lucky Pierrot serves16 different varieties of burgers including scallop, squid and the controversial whale burger.  This is on top of different kinds of omlette rice, shakes and ice-cream.  We opted for the very popular Chinese chicken burger and honestly, when I first ordered it, I wasn’t very excited.  I mean .. I’m Chinese and I guess I must have eaten chinese chicken (err .. actually what is chinese chicken?!) my whole life so I was thinking, what’s the big deal?  Then I took a huge bite and immediately understood why it is the #1 most ordered from LaPi’s menu (人気#1!). Made up of 3 giant pieces of deep fried juicy chicken, the meat was very well marinated and so very yummy.  I know, I know, such a sin to eat fast food in Hokkaido with the abundance of fresh gourmet Jap food around. So, we ended up sharing just 1 burger and it was worth every cholesterol-laden mouthful. Sorely missed for the rest of the trip when we travelled back up north…


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