Confessions of a Facebook virgin

Yup, as most of you already know, I’ve given up the good fight, crossed over to the dark side and am now on Facebook.  Heh, heh.  Truth is, I had no choice.  Given how powerful a social marketing platform Facebook has become, we’ve started using it to market some of our messages and reach out to our target audience at work.  And since I was paying someone to set up the Facebook fanpage and maintain it, there was no way I could sit around and not know what was going on.  So in the end, between the kan jiong spider control freak and the shy polar bear, the control freak won hands down. 


Having been on Facebook for the past couple of weeks, I’m still not sure I entirely get it.  I spent the first couple of days adding people.  Initially, I had NO plans to add people.  I had grudgingly set up an account because I wanted to monitor work progress but after a day or two, I caved in.  I mean, what else was I supposed to do?  Having no friends on a social networking account was lonely and frankly, it looked a little pathetic.  And boy was I surprised by the response I got.  Friends behaved like I had been spending my time on another planet and now, finally, I’ve returned to Earth where everyone else was.  Oh well.

Then I got stumped by Facebook etiquette.  Are you allowed to say no to adding people you’re not that close to?  Is that considered rude?  And if you add one friend, but not another, is that considered a terrible faux pas?  And if you try to add a friend but the person doesn’t respond, does it mean he/she doesn’t really like you? Or that they just don’t check their account that often?  Man, it’s like secondary school all over again.  I’ve given up figuring this part out and just accept all requests.  Makes life easier. 

After the first week, I got bored.  Adding people wasn’t exceptionally fun and so I stopped.  Then what?  This is where Facebook got a little addictive for me and which explains the lack of updates on this blog (sorry!). Friends started to introduce me to all kinds of games on Facebook and that’s where I’ve been hanging out for the last few weeks.  It isn’t so much the games, I think but playing against friends that makes it really fun.  And right now, I’m really obsessed about beating the scores of a couple of people at a game of Bejeweled Blitz. 

Overall, I totally get Facebook in the work context.  We’re making some headway and I’m quite happy with the results so far.  From the personal angle, I’m still not sure it’s really for me.   My account isn’t very useful for friends who want updates because there are none.  Reason being that I already keep this blog and unlike this blog which is open only to a small group, my Facebook account is open to anyone who adds me so I’m uncomfortable sharing anything there.  Having said that, Facebook has allowed me to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a long time.  While I still prefer the old fashioned way of a cup of tea, an email or sms, it’s sometimes hard to find time to just say hi to a friend and I guess Facebook has helped me do some of that the last few weeks.  Getting updates on what friends have been up to, browsing through vacation photos and photos of their kids has been nice.  So, my verdict is that Facebook isn’t as over-rated as I thought it was and if you excuse me, I now have to rush off to harvest some crops on Farmville.


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