Stupid is as stupid does

Don’t ask me why but the cats love playing with large paper bags.  They play hide-and-seek in them, pounce on each other, play tag in circles around the bag or are just contented sitting on it.  It’s really quite funny watching them and they look pretty darn cute.  I suppose one reason why they love paper bags so much could simply be that it’s a rare treat – they only get to play under close supervision as it can be dangerous (suffocation, and the blah). 

This afternoon was one of those rare days that we happened to be home and I thought they would have fun with the huge G2000 bag that was lying around.  I was keeping an eye on them and as ALWAYS (i.e. EVERY SINGLE TIME), Mr Dumbass-Cat got his head stuck in one of the paper bag handles. 

Instead of helping him as I usually do, I decided to wait a while and watch. 

I figured it was important for him to learn how to get himself out of difficult situations.  Given Flyb@ll’s reputation for not being the smartest cat around, The Hubs told me to cut the bull and get the bag off the cat.  I pooh poohed him and proudly retorted that I was, ahem, allowing the cat space to learn and grow. 

Flyb@ll walked around for a few minutes and seemed quite unperturbed that he had a big paper bag hanging around his neck.  Then, suddenly, without any warning, he decided to freak out big time and the next few seconds were a blur of a big yellow fur ball in a mad dash around the kitchen, knocking over the kettle and bottles and dishes in a frantic attempt to get rid of the bag and the claws of a small grey tabby digging into my foot.  Flyb@ll’s crazy stunt scared the living daylights out of Moof@ and although she had absolutely no idea what was going on decided that she too needed to take flight and my foot happened to be the perfect launch pad. 

Sigh … I guess Mr Dumbass-Cat found a quick solution to his problem… through sheer brute force.  And now, looking at the scratch marks on my leg, I only have two words:  自找

I’m really not sure who the bigger dumbass is …


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