For single nerds

Okay, we’re married but that didn’t make us any less geeky this weekend.  We checked out the 2009 Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention not once, but an embarrassing twice.  Back for the second year running, the Convention is a gathering of toys, comics, anime, and cosplay.  Held at Suntec over the weekend, the place was packed with toy buffs and cosplay enthusiasts.  Fans were not disappointed – besides the usual Star Wars, Transformer, Ban Dai and Blythe collectibles, the Convention also carried a good variety of Trexi, Dooodolls and Dunny toys.  Cosplay enthusiasts provided a visual feast when they all came decked out in their costumes and gamely posed for photos with visitors.

The 2 nephews are huge Trexi, Dooodoll and Dunny fans so on the spur of the moment, we decided to pop by and see if we could get something for them.  Turned out to be a good move because we ran right smack into a Joe Ledbetter autograph session. JLed is a toy designer and has done a couple of designs for Trexi and Dunny.  Even with a long line of fans forming, he was incredibly patient.  Not only did he autograph 2 Trexis and a Dunny for us, he obligingly sketched on a blank Trexi that we brought along. 

When we found out that Gary Baseman was also going to be at the Convention, we just HAD to go back a second time on Sunday.  Gary who? For all fellow Craniacs, you already know him.  Gary Baseman is the guy who created the art for Cranium.  And now for all future sessions, we will be playing on a board that has been personally autographed by him! *squeal*  I know this is so embarrassingly geeky but we brought our Cranium board down and he kindly sketched the Cranium mascots for all 4 categories and signed off.  Incredibly cool! *silly grin*

So it looks like next year we’ll be at the Convention again "for the nephews".  Yeah, right.


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