It’s been a long while

On a rainy, hazy day, the National Museum seemed like a good place to hide out.  Having not stepped into the museum for more than ten years, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  Instead of the dark, musty (and scary) interiors I remembered from my primary school days, it is now bright, airy and modern.

During our visit, "modern" and "world class" were a couple of words that kept coming to mind.  Instead of boring, static exhibitions, all the galleries made use of multimedia to bring history to life.  The Singapore History Gallery did a great job in bringing us through Singapore’s early years, WWII and the retro 70s and 80s.  We each got an "intelligent" audio companion which allowed us to choose our own paths through the gallery, with information on the exhibits just at our fingertips.  It was also quite an experience watching old footages of a young LKY addressing the masses in Hokkien. 

Overall, it made for an interesting afternoon and I’m now quite tempted to explore the other smaller museums.  Perhaps on another rainy, hazy, lazy long weekend.


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