Gadget Girl says… Buy it!

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re running around with a thousand things to do and a million people to call is a cell phone gone flat.  Unless you have a spare battery or another phone, you’re pretty much screwed.  You have no time to wait for your phone to charge and you need an instant energy boost.   This is why this gadget is so cool and incredibly useful.  It allows you to convert the power from standard AA batteries to instant power for your cell phone.  Just plug the device in and you get to make your calls while it’s charging.  It’s small, light and handy and has connectors for most phones.  Retails for only $28.90 at Watsons and the lithium batteries that comes with it is good for 2 full charges.  It totally saved my life this week and stopped me from bursting into tears.  Totally recommended.


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