After hearing my raspy, sexy, husky voice last Saturday, the MIL jumped to the rescue and sent The Hubs home with a bottle of super liang cha.  The stuff was potent enough for her to instruct that I shouldn’t finish the entire thing by myself.  So I drank half of it.  And by Sunday morning, my voice came back.  The stuff was so amazing that I had to ask her what it was at dinner today.  Erm … she gave a really good explanation but I got as far as it’s some black chinese herb  called 玄參 – see for yourself – I took a pic of the chinese explanation below.  Okay, I know that’s not very useful for people like me so here’s what google says.  

[Function] Xuan Shen clears heat and cools the blood, nourishes yin and promotes the production of the body fluids, alleviates toxicity and benefits the throat.

[Application] Xuan Shen is used for yin deficiency and blood-heat manifested as fever, dry mouth, dry throat, night sweat and coughing of blood. Xuan Shen is also used for swollen and sore throat due to either by exogenous wind and heat or excess heat of lung.

I say: Do it the MIL way – Boil it with chrysanthemum and drink it as a tea.  Works miracles.


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