What shall I name him?

Ever since I played with an SLR some months back, I’ve been wanting to get a camera that would give me a little more control over my shots.  But I didn’t want to lug around a DSLR, especially while travelling.  Even the Canon Powershot G9 was too bulky for my liking.  All I wanted was a compact camera that would allow some manual control, and small enough to fit in my bag or into The Hubs’ pocket.  The Panasonic DMC-LX3 is pretty much all that and it packs quite an impressive range of features.  Here’s what it looks like.  Pic the courtesy of a digital photography site cos it seemed a little silly to be taking photos of the camera.  Plus I’m lazy.


So what do you do when you are geeky, have a day off and want to test out a new camera? Why, you go to the zoo of course.  Okay, based on the first test run, here are a couple of features I absolutely love.  Nothing too technical, you can read the specs and other stuff off the regular review sites.

  1. The f2.0-2.8 lens.  Basically what this means is that you get VERY clear and sharp images even in low lighting conditions.  It also means that I get to control the depth of field or in layman terms, blur out the backgrounds in your shots.  See pic taken below in the Fragile Forest.

  1. At the risk of sounding bimbotic, I also totally love the large 3-inch LCD screen.  It comes with a 460K dot resolution so you get bright, clear viewing of your pics even under direct sunlight.
  1. At the risk of sounding even more bimbotic, I’m really quite happy with the Intelligent Auto Mode setting.  I know this is a little strange since I did want more control over my shots but the IA mode makes taking pics  a piece of cake because the camera will choose the most appropriate setting so you just need to point and shoot.  How cool is that.

My only complaint right now is that the LX3 has a really weak zoom.  But it isn’t too big of a deal since I seldom snipe my subjects from far and I guess I can always zoom using my feet.  Heh.  The other little nuisance is the lens cap – having it dangle from the camera while you’re trying to get a shot can get quite irritating.
I’ll be testing out the new toy a little more but the test run at the zoo did prove my theory: It’s not so much the equipment but the photographer.  The Hubs went down with his regular point and shoot and got a couple of really great shots.  I, on the other hand, spent so much time whining about the heat and mosquitoes that erm, most of my shots were really quite shitty.

Here’s our favourite shot of the day:

"I wuvs you"

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