When light bounces off a ceiling …

Magic happens! I’m telling you, a bounce flash is THE most awesome-est birthday present I’ve ever gotten. 

Now, before all you gentlemen rush off to buy a bounce flash for your wives, you have to know that I’m really not the best reference person.  I’m just a big, silly geek who loves gadgets and appliances.  Let’s see, I had asked for a label maker and sandwich maker for Christmas before.  I had also begged for one of those thingys that seals packages but The Hubs put his foot down on the long line of strange presents.

Anyhoo, The Hubs got me an LX3 this year.  I’ll blog more about the camera in the next post but what really sent me to the moon and back was the bounce flash he got me as an accessory.  Now, most cameras come with a built-in flash but because these blast light directly at the subject, you end up with shots that are harsh and unnatural.  The LX3 comes with a hot-shoe that allows an external flash unit to be attached.  A bounce flash is simply a flash unit that has a 90 degree swivel and allows you to bounce the flash off the ceiling and walls. 

I did a quick test on the cats and the results were really good.  Our problem with taking photos of the cats has always been one of not having enough light.  When you use a flash, you get the caught-in-the-headlights kind of effect.  Without a flash, the shots are blurred because the cats can’t sit still.  With a bounce flash, we were able to cut down on red eye and the shots had enough soft, natural lighting.  Totally cool.

Check out the shots below.  These were taken at night under not fantastic lighting.  I only have have pics of Flyb@ll because he was the only one dumb sweet enough to sit still and pose.  Moof@ took one look at the camera and flash coming her away and scurried away as quickly as her four furry legs could carry her.


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