For a “crappy” dining experience

Want to sit on a toilet bowl, drink out of a urinal and eat out of a toilet bowl?  Then this is the perfect dining option for you.  We stumbled on this restaurant while walking around our hotel looking for a place to eat.  Actually, it didn’t even occur to me that it was a restaurant.  There was a huge "Modern Toilet" sign outside the building and what struck me then was why in hell did this building need to announce to the whole world that they had a modern toilet.  Didn’t everyone have a modern toilet?  The Hubs had to point out to me that it was a RESTAURANT which was featured on Ch8 some time back.  Sigh .. this from a man who doesn’t watch TV.

Anyhoo, the whole place is set to give you a "dining in the toilet" experience.  There are no chairs – guests sit on toilet bowls and tables are made of a piece of glass set on top of porcelain sinks or bathtubs.  Some tables are located in a bathroom, complete with toilet paper, toiletries and a bathrobe.  The decor in the restaurant even includes lamps in the shape of poop and giant sink plungers hanging from the ceiling.

Your meals come served either in a toilet bowl, sink or bathtub.  Drinks are served in urinals and given that we both ordered iced tea, the resemblance to the real thing was totally uncanny.  Food was so-so, no surprise since this was a novelty restaurant.  But I hardly touched my meal.  I think I lost my appetite the minute I lifted the toilet seat next to me.  It was clean and unused but the mind does funny things.  I felt like l was in a toilet, had touched a toilet bowl (well, duh) and really needed to wash my hands.  My stomach did a little flip and any appetite I had was flushed away (pun intended! :)).

Overall a fun dining experience.  Highly recommended for those with the stomach for poop jokes and the like.  I dare you to order the chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Need a hint on how it’s going to come out? *wink*

How to get there:
Modern Toilet (3/F, MPM Building, 240-244 Portland Road, Mongkok, 2308 1166)
Take MTR to MongKok, exit Langham Place and cut through the building to Portland Road


3 thoughts on “For a “crappy” dining experience”

  1. P.S. This really is a great post with wonderful pictures, albeit a little gross. You should think of reposting it. It’s kind of interesting….

    1. Thanks Elisa! 🙂 The experience was an interesting one but it would be the first and last time I dine in a toilet restaurant! Let me see if I can figure out how reposting works 🙂

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