A little piece of quiet

The last many weeks haven’t been much fun for us.  In between endless, heavy workloads and family committments, we were falling sick every other week.  Exhausted and in desperate need for a break, we decided while sitting one day in the car to just take off.  Within a week, we had booked our tickets and last weekend, we flew off to Lombok.

Deciding on the destination was easy enough.  Lombok, just east of Bali is often promoted as the unspoilt Bali.  Uncrowded and laidback, it was just the perfect getaway for us to catch our breath.  Except for a couple of beach hawkers just outside of resort, Lombok really is an untouched piece of paradise.  The pace is slow, there’s hardly any traffic and you see many of the locals using horse carts as a means of transportation.  While walking along the sandy beaches, we were joined by cows on their morning stroll and minding their own business.  Much to my delight, we also came across dogs playfully frolicking in the waves and taking a dip in the cool waters.  But being a city girl, the rural charm did take a little getting used to especially when I was woken up at 3am by a couple of roosters who were living just next door to our pool villa. 

With no TV, internet or other distractions, we slept before 9 each night and woke at sunrise.  We took long walks by the beach, breathed in the salty sea breeze, lazed around, found time to read (I finished 2 books!), went snorkelling with fishes and turtles and had leisurely candlelight dinners under the stars.  Yup, we definitely got our rest.


If you’re unable to access the clip above, click on link below:
Holiday in Lombok


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