No dinner for me, please

Food was one of the key items on the itinerary for our recent trip to Macau.  And boy, did we take it seriously.

Old Neptune (The Venetian, Shop 1032)

This place is known for its traditional bamboo-pressed noodles.  Their wonton noodles were delicious – each wonton was filled with the freshest shrimps and the texture of the noodles was amazing.  Their roast goose was also to die for – succulent and roasted to perfection, we licked our plates clean.

Noodle and Congee Corner (Grand Lisboa)

This place really is just called Noodle and Congee Corner and I had trouble locating it because I thought I had forgotten to jot down the name of the restaurant.  Overseeing the floor of the Grand Lisboa casino, it serves high quality handmade noodles at very affordable prices.  You get to pick your choice of noodles, soup base and accompanying dish.  A must try is the "yi-gen mian" – a bowl of noodles made of a single strand of noodle several metres in length.  Also, order tea just so you get to watch the Sichuan tea masters skillfully handle their long-sprout kettles with amazing accuracy.

Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (In an alleyway halfway between Grand Lisboa and Senado Square)

This is the place for the best Portuguese egg tarts in town.  The pastry is crispy and not too oily and the creamy egg filling is simply heavenly.  These tarts are sooooooo good that they are reason enough to go back to Macau again. 

 Wong Chi Kei (Senado Square)

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Macau and it’s supposed to serve excellent congee and noodles.  We tried their wonton noodles (so-so), deep fried wontons (not bad), beef noodles (not bad) and pork chop sandwich (yummy!).  My personal take is that you’re better off at Old Neptune.  While prices were very reasonable, about $20 plus for the 4 of us, I found the texture of their noodles too hard for my liking.

Yee Shun Milk Company (Senado Square)

Always game for something sweet, we left the in-laws happily in the hands of the Grand Lisboa and scooted off in search of dessert.  We tried the "dun nai" at Yee Shun – it’s basically steamed milk with 2 layers – milk and egg white with a thin layer on top.  Smooth and creamy, it was delicious but we’re still chocolate people I guess so it didn’t really blow us away.  A note of caution – the place is packed on the weekends, the menu only in Chinese and the waiters very cranky.

Fat Sui Lau II (Opposite the Kun Im Statue)

The in-laws are very traditional people and they love their Chinese food.  But when in Macau, you have to at least try one Portuguese meal.  Erm … turned out they still tried to go as Chinese as a Portuguese restaurant would allow so it was Portuguese duck rice (good), cod fried rice (good), Japanese pork chop (not bad) and garlic prawns (not bad).  The best part of the meal was the amazing, warm, crusty homemade bread.  No pics of food though cos we forgot … oops.

Sheng Ji (In an alleyway opposite Senado Square)

If you’re looking for simple food that brings back nostalgic memories of your childhood, this hole-in-the-wall shop is the place to go.  Their steamed carrot cake, cheong fun, soya bean milk and beancurd were delicious.  They also sold traditional chinese kueh which got the in-laws all excited and behaving like little kids in a candy store.

Portas Do Sol (Lisboa Hotel)

Make. A. Reservation.  This place is a very popular yum cha haunt with the locals on the weekend and it’s easy to tell why.  The variety was amazing and presented in the most exquisite manner.  Their dim sum was one of the best I’ve tasted.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  It was THE BEST I have ever tasted.  To die for was the custard bun in the shape of a cute hedgehog. 


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