Probably a Daddy-Long-Legs in my previous life

Some things like swimming and cycling once learnt, you never forget.  But other things like in-line skating don’t quite work the same way.  I picked up the sport about 6 years ago – one of my many itchy backside projects.  But we soon got busy and distracted by other stuff and my skates were left rusting away in a corner.  Then some months back, I bought myself a new pair of skates.  It wasn’t because I was suddenly motivated to blade again but because they were on sale and the shopaholic in me could not walk away from a good buy.  More importantly, I had to buy them because they were PINK *hanging my head in bimbotic shame*. 

So I tested out my new skates this week.  I skipped along, admiring how pretty they were, strapped them on and then realised that I had completely forgotten how to do it.  I stood unsteadily, moved a couple of steps and then fell into a tangled heap of spindly arms and legs.  My god, it was horrible.  Little kids on bikes slowed down to look, joggers avoided me and one little Indian boy taunted, "Eh, how come you don’t know how ah?".  By the end of Friday evening, my butt was bruised but my ego hurt even more.

And so off I went again this morning.  Found a shady spot in the park and The Hubs led me through a refresher course.  A bruised ego is bad but the worse part was having to conquer my fears of falling all over again.  As I clung desperately to a lamp post, an uncle who was on his morning walk told me to get off the grass.  His exact words were, "C’mon, you can do better than this!".  And so I did.  And at the end of the hour, I had gotten back my groove.  So I fell a couple of times but I got right back up and hey, I even learnt how to slow down on a slope.  With a couple more sessions, I should get a lot better.  By the way, I still think my skates are such a pretty pink.  Heh.


2 thoughts on “Probably a Daddy-Long-Legs in my previous life”

  1. Falling
    The bigger you are, the harder you fall.
    The older you are, the harder you recover from a fall. So, learn and fall while you are young! (cos it’s impossible to learn without falling) 🙂

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