Artsy Fartsy

With a couple of hours to kill while waiting to pick up our vacation photos, The Hubs and I checked out the Singapore Art Biennale this week.  Running until 16 Nov, it is one of several mega art events taking place in Asia.  As with any art exhibition, some pieces really speak to you and the other pieces … oh well.  Anyhoo, here are our top two picks:


This is an installation of thousands of tiny flowers and plants etched out of stainless steel and set in white sand.  It’s an interesting installation because the flowers have been painted with cheerful colors on one side, but left black on the other, looking like they have been scorched.  Looking at the black flowers set starkly against the white sand, it was beautiful but so sad at the same time.  As you move to the other side of the installation, you begin to see the burst of colours and soon, you behold the sight of thousands of pretty, colourful flowers.  Different perspectives, different minds.  As in life, it’s all a matter of how you look at things, I guess.  Or it’s all a matter of where you’re standing. 

Hair Salon

The artist has recreated the interior of a beauty parlour inside an old room in the South Beach Development. The installation is devised so that when you look into the mirror on the wall, it appears as if the room is reflected in the mirror, but in fact, there is an identical room that has been created symmetrically behind the mirror. The installation poses an interesting question about reality and illusion.  What really impressed us was the amount of effort the artist put into the installation.  Every item was painstakingly created and placed to create the illusion of a mirror image.  In fact, it took us a few minutes to figure out that we didn’t have a reflection!


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