Normal programming to resume soon … I hope

This virus is a real pain in the you-know-where.  It’s been one whole week and it’s still rearing its ugly head.  For so many days last week, it woke me up at 4am with stomach spasms.  Now that the stomach spasms are gone, I thought I’d finally have a chance to sleep in during the long weekend.  But I’ve been waking up at 7 the past 3 mornings with stabbing pains under my arm and they keep at it the entire day.  Even the painkillers the doc gave me are doing absolutely nothing.  Pure irritation!

The only good thing is my stomach has been feeling a lot calmer the past couple of days so I’m finally off my monkey diet (i.e. bananas, crackers, bread and absolutely NO OIL).  Btw do you know it’s near impossible to find breakfast at our local markets that isn’t oily?  Heh, the stuff you discover only when you’re sick.


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