Painted faces

The Hubs and I have been on a hunt for vanishing trades in Singapore.  No particular reason.  We just thought it would make for interesting explorations around Singapore.  Plus they make really great photography subjects.  So you can imagine our glee when we stumbled across a chinese street opera a couple of days ago. 

It was a rare glimpse of a vanishing art form in Singapore.  The tattered, makeshift stage had obviously seen better days but there remained a certain charm in the handpainted backdrops.  I sat fascinated by the storytelling, elaborate make-up and costumes, the sights and the sounds.  Funny thing was, I didn’t understand a single word but managed to follow the story and even smiled at the right bits. 

While street opera is a dying art, I’ve read that it’s unlikely to disappear completely because of its intimate link to Chinese religious rites.  Performances often play a ceremonial role as offerings to deities during temple celebrations.  Still, interest in street operas is dwindling and the actors are growing old so you just might want to catch a performance that’s coming near you soon.




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