Happiness is …

Finally being able to customise my own blog skin! *excited squeal*

I’ve always wanted to do it but problem is, I’m a computer idiot and have absolutely no idea how HTML works or speak any programming language.  But being the super geek that I am, I went right ahead and upgraded my livejournal account to a paid one couple of days ago.  I figured … how difficult could it be?  Hah!  Spoken like a true idiot.  The first time I went into the developer’s area, I nearly died.  Nothing made sense.  I could read the words but I understood nothing.  I finally gave up and chose a fixed template.

Tonight, I went in again and started reading up.  Turns out … it’s really a piece of cake.  It only took me less than 10 minutes to customise the skin and that’s me you see happily riding away at Rottnest Island.  And get this, I still don’t know how HTML works.  I am soooooo excited because now the possibilities are endless.  In fact, I’m so excited, I think I’m going to have problems sleeping tonight.

I know, I know.  Hi, my name is … and I’m a really big geek.

*** Update

Crap! I really had problems sleeping last night.  Think I was too wound up from trying to figure out how to customise the skin so every time I closed my eyes, I saw HTML codes.  So it was a fitful night filled with recurring nightmares of codes, layers and programming languages.  Yawn …


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