More action, please

The fireworks have ended and the stadium empty.  The Beijing Olympics 2008 is over.  After being glued to the telly for the past 2 weeks catching all the action, the past couple of nights have left us twiddling our thumbs and feeling the void.  So much so that I now actually have time to post an entry on my favourite Olympic moments:

> Usain Bolt for winning the 100m at an astonishing 9.69sec.  Who can forget the sight of him pounding his chest and mugging for the camera even BEFORE he crossed the finishing line?  But we can’t blame the man – it was no contest and he was obviously in a league of his own.  Impressive.

> Michael Phelps – not so much for winning 8 gold medals but for his humility, graciousness and that goofy face.  Also, for helping raise awareness of Marfan Syndrome.  Hmmm … kinda makes me wonder if I should have taken my swimming lessons more seriously.  Maybe my body was cut out to be that of a swimming champ too.  Heh.

> Kenya’s Samuel Kamau Wansiru for winning the men’s marathon.  He launched the race at an amazing pace and completed the run in a record breaking 2hours 6min.  Now, given that I can’t even run 1km without thinking that I’m going to collapse and die, surely you can understand why I think this man is a god.

And of course, the ugliest moment goes to:

> Cuba’s Angel Matos for using his superb taekwondo skills on the referee.  C’mon? Kicking the referee in the face?  Where’s the Olympic spirit?  Guess Angel Matos is no angel after all.


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