The long weekend in brief

Never one to get excited by opening ceremonies, the opening of the Olympic Games totally blew me away and I sat mesmerised.  It was visually stunning, it was spectacular, it was a brilliant piece of performance.  The National Day Parade? Pfft!

I can’t believe how disciplined we’ve been keeping to our 10km walk during the weekend.  We had plans Sunday evening and it was soooooo tempting to just skip this one week.  But we dragged our lazy asses out of bed at 7.30am on Sunday morning and stuck to the routine.  I think the The Hubs was sleepwalking through the first 2km and I felt faint by the 4th as my engine was running on empty.  But I’m glad we persisted – we were rewarded with a beautiful day, delicious kaya toast from Ya Kun and some cute, furry monkey friends.

We finally found time to meet the gang for a round of games but with one sick from too much sun and the other having to play the dutiful wifey, there was only 4 of us left.  It was quite a sad state of affairs until we realised that there was a mahjong table in the house and a wonderful teacher willing to impart her skills.  Woooohoo!!! Now, we’re so hooked on mahjong!  I never though I’d say this but this game is way more fun than bridge and it has so much more depth.  Pong!! 


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