One year on …

This blog started out for the silliest of reasons – the geek in me wanted to try out the livejournal format.  Unfortunately, the technically-challenged idiot in me didn’t know how to transfer the cats’ blog over so I did the obvious and started one for myself.  And quite frankly, I’m surprised that it has lasted this long.  

When I first started, I was convinced that the blog would quickly die a natural death for obvious reasons.  What could I possibly blog about week after week?  I mean, c’mon, life’s not that interesting.  But slowly, the blog became a personal scrapbook of sorts.  I use it to tuck away little everyday moments – stuff that make me smile, cry, reflect, grow.  Some of these moments I choose to share with friends.  Others I keep close to my heart.  

Looking back at my entries, I’ve come to the realisation that this IS life.  Life’s not made up of big, earth shattering moments.  Life doesn’t start when you get the perfect job or when you retire or when you win a million dollars at the lottery.  Life is now.  As it is.  And it’s made up of all these tiny pieces – the happy, the sad, the sweet, the salty and even the utterly mundane.  To embrace the richness of life, you’ve just gotta savour, relish and celebrate every single minute of it.  

Here’s to life.


2 thoughts on “One year on …”

  1. Life is…
    what a coincidence! i just heard over the radio today how life is not about the past you can’t change; it’s not about the future that may not even come. It’s about the present and learning to appreciate it in small moments and not get overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’.

    1. Re: Life is…
      It’s true but so hard to do especially when you’re in the thick of things. I guess we forget to appreciate the small moments until they get taken away from us. Suppose it’s human nature to take things for granted.

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