This brings a whole new meaning to take-out food

This was my dinner tonight – the popular nasi kandar from Penang.  And it was the real deal cos my dad who has been there for the past couple of days thought nothing of going to the local stall to order 2 packets of rice,  placed it in his luggage and flew home just in time for dinner.  Heh, that’s my family for you.

For those of you wondering what’s the big deal about nasi kandar, it’s one of Penang’s most famous food although you can probably find it just about anywhere in Malaysia.  This dish originated from Penang and it literally means “rice on the shoulder”.  It was back in the time when hawkers would balance a pole about 7feet long on their shoulder.  At one end of the pole was a large pot containing plain white rice and on the other, meat or fish curry.  So nasi kandar is basically a dish of white or flavoured rice flooded in a variety of curries and side dishes.  Yummy!


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